Use this tool to find out in real time the price per sock at the Sock Laboratory sock factory. *use a computer screen for the best experience
Step 0. First, do you want fashion or technical socks?

See how price per sock changes for each type

Fashion socks standard
Use this option for fashion socks, casual, elegant or even sport dedicated. The design is simple, like solid colors, lines, dots, simple geometric forms in 2-3 colors.
Complex design +20%
Use this option for complex design fashion socks, casual, elegant or even sport dedicated. The design is complex, with complicated forms, drawings and many colors, more than 3.
Technical socks +100%
Use this option for complex technical socks, dedicated to various activities like running, skiing, cycling, hunting, etc.
Step 1. Choose your sock yarn

See how price per sock changes for each yarn

Your own yarn -30%
If you have experience in the textile industry, this is perhaps the best option. You send us your own yarn, from your favorite suppliers, with the exact quality and colors that you need. Then, we use it to craft perfect socks.
Combed Cotton standard
Combed cotton is a premium grade cotton, which has longer fibers due to the process of combing. Therefore, this yarn is more resistant to pilling and breaking. This yarn is ideal for casual and dress socks.
Mercerised Cotton +60%
Premium mercerized cotton has superior durability and a silk-like appearance. Due to its superior processing and its long fibers, it offers the greatest resistance to pilling and breaking. However, it is not as soft to touch as the combed cotton. This yarn is ideal for fine socks.
Bamboo +30%
Bamboo fibre fabric is made of 100% bamboo pulp fibre. It is characterized by its good hygroscopicity, excellent permeability, soft feel, easiness to straighten and dye and splendid color effect of pigmentation.. This yarn is ideal for fine socks.
Wool +150%
Animal fibers are desired for their thermal regulation properties. Wool fibers have the ability to absorb and lock away high amounts of moisture, making them ideal for use in performance and winter socks. Furthermore, natural chemicals found in wool makes it odor resistant.
Step 2. Choose your sock length

See how price per sock changes for each sock length

No-show -30%
Below the ankle. Commonly used in fashion socks.
Ankle -30%
Above the ankle. Commonly used in athletic socks.
Quarter -15%
About 5cm above the ankle. Often used in outdoor socks.
Crew standard
Just below the calf. Most common sock length.
Mid-calf +25%
On the calf. Commonly used in dress socks.
Knee +50%
Just below the knee. Commonly used in technical socks.
Step 3. Choose your sock packaging

Use a standard packaging option or something more complex

Sock Tag standard
Sock tags fold over the cuff of the sock and are printed on 5cm x 16cm cardstock. We can also add a plastic hook for retail display.
Sock Band standard
Band labels wrap around the middle of each folded pair of socks and are printed on 5cm x 25cm cardstock.
Polybag +20%
Each pair is individually packed into a clear polybag, with a resealable flap and a printable area of 5cm x 10cm.
Standard Bundle standard
The standard bundle includes 2 pairs or more, which are sealed together with a printable band 7cm in width and variable length according to the number of pairs in the bundle.
Premium Bundle +30%
The premium bundle refers to box packaging which can include 3 to 5 pairs of socks. The box is fully customisable.
Watch how price changes

Price changes based on all your chosen options, and also as you increase the quantity

*minimum order is 100 pairs / style

Have you noticed that almost all socks have a stitch that you can feel on the toes? Well, ours don’t. We use the latest technology in robots for sock production with perfect seamless stitches.

Do you want to start working with Sock Laboratory?

Before anything, you have to choose a sock design option, so we can work together closely to settle the proproduction specimens. The production will follow, to turn your vision into the perfect socks.

Full Branding €1000
This package includes:
  • logo design
  • sock package design
  • sock design
  • up to 15 specimens
  • delivery of specimens
  • full assistance
You have a vision regarding your socks project, but you have neither the exact sock design, nor the branding.
Sock Creation €500
This package includes:
  • sock design
  • up to 10 specimens
  • delivery of specimens
  • full assistance
You already have a brand image and you can provide a packaging design for the socks. However, you do not have an exact sock design, but just a vision regarding it.
Your design €200
This package includes:
  • sock specimens with your design
  • up to 5 specimens
  • delivery of specimens
  • full assistance
You have a brand and you can also provide an exact design for the packaging and the socks. Choose this package, so we can produce the specimens using your design and send them to you.
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Do you want to quickly simulate a custom sock at Sock Laboratory?

!!! Please use a computer screen for this option !!!

It couldn't be easier. Just upload a 168px x 210px .jpg file for the leg part and a 168px x 168px .jpg file for the foot part. You will see immediately how the image wraps around the sock. After that, choose a colour for the welt, heel and toe, using Hex code (ex: #ffffff for white).

Basically this is all we need to create your custom sock. But, keep in mind! You have to use only a total of 4 colours and the image should have each pixel in exactly one of these 4 colours (it should NOT be an antialiased image which uses millions of shades of white just for the white colour).

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